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Consortium Characterization


SAPEC QUÍMICA, S.A. a company from SAPEC group aims to provide the market raw materials, chemical products, petrochemical and metals. With active participation in the field of hazardous and non-hazardous residues, SAPEC CHIMESTRY,S.A. has a strong social and civic sense, and wants to make its environmental concerns a reality, working for a safe environmental future of the population.

Parallel to all of these objectives, it has developed projects in the use of non-hazardous residues, making it an energetic added value or applying them in the transformation of chemical products for industry. It has also considerable investments in chemistry oil industry, with the development of new vegetable compound products, substitutes for petroleum derivates (mineral origin). Evidence of this investment is Ecopolyol Project, grant QREN Nº 11435, that finished in September 2013 and GreenPec Project, QREN Nº34132 that finished in June 2015.

CICECO – Aveiro Institute of Materials, Universidade de Aveiro

The associated laboratory CICECO- Institute of Materials, Aveiro University, before entitled CICECO- Center of Ceramic and Composite Materials, created in March 2002, in Aveiro University, has the mission to develop scientific and technological knowledge basis needed to the innovative production and transformation of ceramic materials, hybrids organic and inorganic compounds for sustainable development.

Currently CICECO is the biggest Portuguese Institute regarding materials Science and Engineering. The group is formed by 44 Professors, 27 Investigators, and up to December 2015, 83 Post-Doctorates, 116 PhD Students and around 67 other Students.

FLEXIPOL, Espumas Sintéticas S.A

Founded on the 30th of April 1964, Flexipol is today a solid company with a strong activity dedicated to the production of polyurethane foam for different markets, in particular the automobile sector, bedding, furniture and shoe market.

Thanks to a strong involvement I+D+I, major focus has been redirected to the automobile sector and bedding, enabling value creation in target markets with ambition, innovation and competitiveness, promoting the development and quality of all products.

The Innovation, Development and Investigation Department (I+D+I) assumes a major role in the organization structure of Flexipol.

With its own infrastructures for the development of formulation and prototypes, technical support to customers is privileged, allowing the creation of partnerships in order to obtain results in a short period of time.

Dedication in demand and development of new solutions suitable to the needs of its clients is noticeable. From this effort we have a vast range of products and solutions that is seen by 30% turnover of the company capitalized in new developments made in the last three years.