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The main purpose of this project is the development of a production process of polyols from residues and sub products of flexible polyurethane foams with quality to be reincorporated in the production of new foams, with a percentage of 10-20% of the virgin polyols used and whose application sectors are the Flexible polyurethane foam manufacturers PU.

In case we go further with the industrialization of this process and substantiate the predicted investment with all the consortium members, it should be created a Spin off that might initially respond to the Portuguese market and secondly to the Iberian market. There are other applications for FlexiRecover project results, because polyols are pioneers in a vast range of products. The application sectors can also be the rigid polyurethane foam, insulation application, packaging (protection) and others that have a mechanical inferior demanding level. CASE Industry-Coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers, among others...
To fulfil this objective the project includes the following steps:

  • Preliminary studies
  • Development of production processes and polyol´s separation on a laboratory scale
  • Laboratory-scale tests
  • Pilot tests
  • Scale up studies for PUF production
  • Industrial trials

After the post project, we envisage the construction of a polyols industrial production unit, through the PUF residues in Portugal. This will drive to the creation of a chain of work positions, specially qualified work. It will contribute in a pro-active way to the competitiveness of the company in the region where is located and in the country, through the increase of the export volume.